Images of Christmas

December 8, 2019
There are all kinds of images surrounding us at Christmas.  Isaiah gives us different images for the coming of Jesus, God among us, and the Kingdom of God that was…

Foolish Soul

August 4, 2019
Jesus tells a parable about a rich man that stores up his earthly treasures, only to have his life taken from him.  It is tempting to desire earthly possessions.  Yet…

If I Had a Million Dollars

January 14, 2019
The Holy Spirit came upon Jesus at his baptism.  The Holy Spirit also comes upon us, bringing assurance, meaning and purpose that we cannot find in money or possessions.

Life as a Zucchini

November 25, 2018
Jesus was resurrected from death, giving us the hope that all people who believe in him will be resurrected as well.  Like a zucchini seed that dies and falls into…